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GEF Transition


In May of 2014, WVU Faculty Senate approved and endorsed a new general education program. The proposed General Education Foundations (GEF), included approval of the following curriculum changes:

  • replacing the existing General Education Curriculum (GEC) with a new arrangement grouped into seven broad areas, with an eighth requirement (Depth) of nine hours;
  • rescinding the Writing Requirement and replacing it with development of writing and communication skills as determined by the degree-granting college and/or academic unit; and
  • endorsing the LEAP Outcomes and including integrated assessments of those outcomes, skills, and knowledge within the First-Year Seminar and Capstone courses.

Read the Faculty Senate Annex for detailed information.


  • The new GEF will be implemented in the 2016-2017 academic catalog.
  • Colleges must have advising plans in place that take into account the new GEF by March of 2016 to be able to advise students during the registration period.
  • Many continuing students will need to be able to complete the GEC requirements, and the University will continue to ensure that this is possible. A large proportion of the classes in the current GEC will continue to be part of the new program.
  • The Office of the University Registrar’s website will continue to provide information on the GEC, including what courses may fulfill specific requirements. Archived editions of previous catalogs are also maintained.

Guidelines for which General Education Program Students will Follow

  • Per University policy as stated in the catalog, “A student becomes eligible to graduate when he or she completes the requirements of the University, college or school, and major degree program according to the Undergraduate Catalog in effect at the time the student first entered WVU. With the consent of the student’s advisor and dean, a student may choose to meet the conditions published in a later catalog. If a student entered WVU more than seven years previously, the student must complete the requirements in a catalog that is no more than seven years old.”
  • New first year students entering in the fall 2016 term or after will automatically be governed by the new GEF requirements.
  • Continuing students will remain under the current GEC unless, in consultation with the student’s advisor and dean, they decide to update their catalog year for all curricular requirement by adopting the 2016-2017 or later catalog.
  • Returning students are readmitted under the catalog year in which they reapply. In consultation with their advisor and dean, they may decide to adopt an earlier catalog that is less than seven years old. Catalog editions cannot be combined. All University, college/school, degree, major, and any other academic awards must be earned according to the requirements of a single catalog year.
  • First Year Seminars and Capstone courses are still required for graduation, but are not part of the new general education program.


MARCH 1, 2015 – GEF finalized for fall 2016 implementation

JUNE 1, 2015 – Modification of form in CIM implemented to incorporate new change type (GEF Implementation)

JUNE 15, 2015 – Colleges may begin submitting CIM changes to incorporate GEF (change for all majors necessary)

SEPTEMBER 15, 2015 – Deadline for department and/or college/school approval in CIM

NOVEMBER 27, 2015 – First draft of all scribing in DegreeWorks completed for validation by colleges

DECEMBER 18, 2015 – Deadline for all scribing modifications for DegreeWorks submitted to OUR

JANUARY 15, 2016 – Final draft of all scribing in DegreeWorks completed for final validation by colleges

FEBRUARY 1, 2016 – Go live of all 2016-17 audits in DegreeWorks