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Diploma Name

WVU Diploma Name

  • A student’s diploma name is not required to match their primary/legal name. A student can now choose any preferred name as their diploma name. Some examples of preferred names can include but are not limited to:
  • First name, initial, or an alternate form of first name
    • i.e. First name “preferred name” last name i.e. Michael “Mike” Mountaineer
    • i.e. First name (preferred name) last name i.e. Michael (Mike) Mountaineer
    • i.e. Preferred name & last name i.e. Mike Mountaineer
  • First name which conforms with the graduate’s genuine expression of gender identity
  • Middle name, initial, or omission of middle name altogether
  • Inclusion of former or maiden name
  • Inclusion of special characters
  • Inclusion of maternal surnames as culturally appropriate.

  • The following suffixes can be used in a diploma name: I, II, III, IV, Jr., Sr.

  • No prefix or suffix relating to a title or credential is allowed (e.g., Dr., DMD, Esq., Mrs., Mr., etc.)
  • Diploma names will print in all capital letters

  • Diploma names must be updated by the student’s degree conferral date by emailing or else standard replacement fees may apply.


The University strongly suggests that students who plan to live, study, or work outside of the United States use their legal name on their diploma to avoid issues with verification of their educational record. If a student changes their diploma name and later needs a new diploma with their legal name, they will be required to order replacement diploma. Standard replacement fees will apply.