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Grade Entry and Modifications

Grade Entry 

For step by step directions on entering grades please visit: STAR Midterm and Final Grade Tutorial for Faculty
Grade Entry step by step screenshots: GradeEntryInstructions

Banner 9 Faculty/Advisor Module information can be found here: SSB9 Faculty Module Crosswalk
Failing Grades and Last Date of Attendance:

Effective Fall 2019, the University grading system incorporated the grades of FNA (Failure Non-Attendance) and FSA (Failure Stopped Attending) to accompany the grade of F (Failure) in order to adhere to federal regulations and to accurately determine financial aid eligibility.

If a student failed a course because they stopped attending, the student should receive the FSA grade and the instructor is required to enter the last date of attendance. If the attendance date is unknown, please enter the date the student last submitted any course work. If a student has never attended a course, instructors should enter the FNA grade. If a student has legitimately earned the failing grade in a course, the instructor should enter the F grade. Please note that the grades of FNA and F do not require a last date of attendance when submitting grades.

If you do not know your Portal username and/or PIN, please call ITS Help Desk at 304-293-4444.

You can also use GradeSync to submit grades from your eCampus course. GradeSync is a tool that allows instructors to submit grades from a Grade Center column in eCampus to STAR, without having to manually enter grades for each student. Instructions are available on eCampus Information website at GradeSync.

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Grade Modifications

For instructions on grade modifications please visit: Changing Grades in STAR