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Study Abroad

Study Abroad 

Study Abroad refers to coursework taken at an international institution as part of an approved program through the Office of Global Affairs

Students wishing to participate in study abroad programs should coordinate with both the Office of Global Affairs, and their academic advisor. This will allow the student to determine the feasibility of the opportunity, and its impact on their plan of study. 

Once the desired program/coursework is selected, students should coordinate with these two entities to complete the Study Abroad Form. Once the form is completed, it should be emailed to the student's academic advisor for review and submission to the Dean's Office for approval.

Study Abroad coursework does not fall under the same policies as transient coursework. 

Students are strongly encouraged to read and review the instructions on the form to fully understand how to properly transfer their coursework back to WVU if their plans change.

Though a course is not required to be equivalent to take via Study Abroad, many such courses have been previously evaluated. These courses can be found in the transfer credit database. Students who desire to have coursework taken via Study Abroad to transfer back as a direct equivalent can utilize the Transfer Equivalency Review Request (TERR)In most cases, the review process takes 5 to 10 business days. 

Information for advisors

Once a student has emailed you a Study Abroad form, you can verify and submit the request using the Study Abroad Approval Process