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Class Registration

Students may register, add or drop classes in STAR after logging into WVU Portal. If you need help, follow these steps.

Also available in STAR, students can now use Schedule Builder to create personalized class schedules and improve your chances of getting a full schedule and graduate on time.

Drop/Withdrawal Policies

If you are considering an academic withdrawal from the current term, please discuss your situation with your academic advisor, a professor, a financial aid counselor, or other WVU staff members to consider all of your options. We have a university of professionals available to assist you in understanding all of your options.

Learn more about Drop/Withdrawal Policies

Course Schedule

To better serve students and staff, WVU offers a complete listing of courses that are offered for enrollment. There is also a complete list of available courses.

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Schedule Builder User Guide

In order to assist students in building a schedule, WVU offers the Schedule Builder tool which can be utilized along with the Course Schedule to create an optimized schedule of desired classes. The User Guide provides students a general outline to navigating the Schedule Builder tool.

User Guide

Building Information and External Learning Locations

Information is available on WVU Facilities Scheduling. Building codes is under “Building Code Listing” and external learning locations are under "Campus Information" (Section Code Listing).