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Office of the University Registrar
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Phone: 304-293-5355
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Student Services

Transcript Ordering

To order a transcript to be sent directly to you or to a recipient, please utilize the Parchment Ordering System.

Current Students:
For current students to view their unofficial transcript, please log into STAR. To order official transcripts, complete the WVU Transcript Request Survey then follow the instructions provided at the end of the survey.
Former Students and Alumni:
For former students to view their unofficial transcript, please go directly to to log in. To order official transcripts, former students and alumni may order transcripts through Parchment Ordering Website.

For in-person pickup of a transcript, please make an appointment using our appointment scheduling tool.


For information about registration errors, please visit the Registrar's Error Messages page.

For information about hold notifications you might be receiving, please visit our Hold page

Please note, that this page provides information about the specific department to contact regarding the hold. For all holds listed, we will be unable to lift the holds. Only the department associated with the hold is allowed to lift them.

If you are having a technical error such as login or connection issues, please reach out to the ITS help desk. Only they can assist with these types of issues. They can be reached by calling 304-293-4444 or visiting ITS Help.
If you are having an issue different from the ones above, please reach out to us by emailing or calling 304-293-5355.

Degree Verification

Verification can be completed when students log in WVU Portal. Follow the instructions.

Time Tickets

For additional information about time ticketing, please visit the Registrar's Time Ticketing page. If you believe your time ticket is incorrect, please speak with your advisor. If you need to contact the Registrar regarding your time ticket, you can do so by emailing or calling 304-293-5355.


Step by step instructions for waitlisting can be found on the Registrar's Waitlisting page.

Transfer Credit

Submitting a Transcript

The Office of Admissions processes transcripts. We cannot accept them and they should be sent directly to Admissions. Generally, transfer credits are articulated to a students record with 48-72 hours of receipt of their official transcript. If coursework appears missing, please contact the WVU Office of Admissions to confirm receipt of your official transcripts. You may contact the Office of Admissions by emailing them at or calling their office at 304-293-2121.

In-Progress Courses

WVU transfers in a grade of IP for courses that are listed on an official transcript as in-progress. Students may request a transcript be sent to the WVU Office of Admissions to have this credit applied to their record and utilized for registration purposes. Students using an in-progress course for registration as a prerequisite must submit an official transcript with the final grades prior to the start of the subsequent term or risk being removed from the course.

Taking Courses at Another Campus

Effective for the fall 2022 term, this page and service are for current WVU-Morgantown, WVUIT, and Potomac State College students who wish to remain enrolled at their home campus, but take courses from another campus.

Please complete the form on the following page and submit a ticket for review and approval by your advisor. You will be notified via email upon completion of the process, once you have been registered for the desired course(s).

WVU System Visiting and Dual Campus form

If you are currently enrolled at one of the three West Virginia University campuses, but wish to enroll as a full time student at another campus, please complete a Change of Campus application for the respective campus you wish to enroll at: West Virginia University - Morgantown West Virginia University Institute of Technology - Beckley West Virginia University Potomac State College - Keyser If you are currently enrolled at another institution and wishing to take courses at one of West Virginia University's campuses, please see their respective Admissions Office page: West Virginia University - Morgantown West Virginia University Institute of Technology - Beckley West Virginia University Potomac State College - Keyser

AP Credit

When taking advanced placement exams, students need to select WVU as one of the recipient institutions. If they did not, they will need to access the College Board account, obtain a score card, and send it to the WVU Office of Admissions.

For first time freshmen, advanced placement exam scores are not automatically articulated to the student’s record, but may be requested to be so at this link. If a student’s scores have been received, they will appear at the bottom of the Degree Works audit, under the “Not Counted” category, where they remain until they are requested to be utilized. If the scores do not appear there, students should contact the WVU Office of Admissions to confirm their receipt.

Other Transfer Questions

Additional information can be found on the OUR Transfer FAQ page

Academic Services

Adding New Faculty or Advisors

The Faculty/Advisor Role Update form can be found on the Office of the University Registrar’s website under forms. This request type is to be used when a department is hiring a new employee, or when an employee is moving from one internal department to another. Prior to filling out the Faculty/Advisor Role Update forms, managers should verify the individual is in BANNER and Active (check SIAINST). If they have not yet been added to BANNER, managers can onboard using this request.

Update the Catalog or Courses

Important information about updating catalog pages, or making course changes can be found on the Registrar's Curriculum and Catalog page.

Degree Works

For Students
For questions about your Degree Works audit or specific requirements, the best place to start is with your advisor. They will be able to assist you with things like determining which courses fulfill requirements, possible substitute courses, etc. They are also the point of contact for things like changing your major, adding a minor, or declaring an Area of Emphasis.

For Advisors
If you have an issue with a student's audit, please reach out to This is our vanity account for Degree Works related items and is constantly monitored by our Degree Works team.