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Withdrawal Policies

Course Withdrawal and University Withdrawal Policy

There are three time frames for withdrawals which can be reviewed in the Academic Catalog under the Enrollment section of Advising, Enrollment and Grades. The Military Leave Policy is also included under the Enrollment section of the catalog. The tuition refund policy can be reviewed at the Withdrawal page on the Student Accounts website.

The official deadline for withdrawing from the University can be found on the Provost's Academic Calendar.

If you live in university housing, you should vacate housing and turn in keys via the proper procedure. Check with the main desk of your residence hall, or call housing at 304-293-2811 for procedural details.

If you still have a Mountie Bounty balance 125 days after withdrawing from the University, you will be charged a $10 account processing fee. To avoid this, go to to check your balance. You can either spend it at participating locations or request a refund.

If you receive financial aid, please discuss the impact of the withdrawal prior to submitting with the WVU Hub on the second floor of the Evansdale Crossing Building, or call 304-293-1988.

If you are considering a withdrawal, please complete the WVU Withdrawal Survey and follow the instructions provided at the end. Please note that the withdraw survey is optional and does not constitute a formal request to withdraw.