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Time Ticketing


West Virginia University utilizes time ticketing for registration. Students will register on their normal registration days, which can be found below. Instead of open registration for the entire day, students will be assigned a specific time their registration opens during their registration day. This time slot is randomly assigned and cannot be changed. Once a student's time begins they can register any time after that.

Registration Dates

For pre-registration dates please visit: Pre-Registration Priority Dates


Why does the University utilize “time ticketing” for registration?

The University utilizes time ticketing as part of the pre-registration process in order to handle heavy registration volume and alleviate a possible load placed on the student information system that may prevent students from successfully registering. All students who fall into a particular student classification will register on the same day with a randomly assigned time that indicates the time that registration can occur.

Where do I locate the time I register?

A student’s Registration day and time will be visible in Degree Works.

How will I be communicated with regarding my registration time?

Along with a student’s ability to view their day and time in Degree Works, students will receive an email that indicates when their specific registration can take place.

Why is this the time I have been assigned to register?

All students who fall into a certain classification will register on the same day as other students in their respective classification. Per the University's Undergraduate Catalog, Classifications are determined by the number of credits earned. Found here: A student's classification determines the day of registration. The times that fall within each day are randomly generated and assigned to students permitting a new group within each classification to register every 30 minutes.

What do I do if I am not available to register at my assigned time?

Once a day and time is provided, students are able to register at any time after the begin time has occurred. Students may register any time after their assigned time through the end of add/drop for the term. To view important dates for adding and dropping, please visit:

What if I don’t see a time listed?

If a student does not see a time listed on their Degree Works audit, they should contact the Office of the University Registrar at and request that a day and time be assigned which will be based upon a student’s current classification.

Am I able to change my time?

Students are unable to have their time adjusted. Once the day/time assignment process has taken place, the student information system automatically assigns the day of registration based on classification and subsequently assigns a randomly generated time.

Is my assigned time effective for this term or other future terms?

The assigned day and time is in effect for the current term(s) of which registration is open for. Future registration terms will include their own time ticket and communication to students. Registration for Spring takes place in Late October/November, while Summer and Fall Registration takes place in Late March/April.

What if my classification has been changed or any transfer work has come in to WVU?

To determine your current classification, please refer to the Classification chart. If a classification change or transfer work has been added to a student’s record, students must contact the Office of the University Registrar at

Can I register with a “Hold” on my account?

Students who have either an academic of financial hold on their account will not be able to register for courses through STAR. Holds must be resolved through the office that has placed the hold on a student’s account prior to registration taking place. Students may view their holds on STAR and contact the originator of the hold to resolve.