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Staff and Services

University Registrar

Josh Imes


  • Responsible for all activities of the Office of the Registrar
  • Oversees graduation/degree audit, registration, grading and all academic record-keeping for WVU

Office Administrator: Vacant

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Graduation Certification Coordinator: Megan Hawkinberry
Graduation Analyst: Joi Newberne

Academic Services

Associate Registrar: Misti Woldemikael
Assistant Registrar for Catalog and Curriculum: Sean McGowan
Assistant Registrar for Academic Progress: Patrick Hathaway


  • Oversees all academic services functions including catalog and curriculum, NCAA certification, HEPC reporting, and degree audit
  • Provides assistance to administrators, faculty, and staff regarding the curriculum and academic program approval process
  • Coordinates external reporting for NCAA certification
  • Maintains Degree Works
  • Provides training and support for Banner, Degree Works, Curriculum Inventory Management

NCAA Certification and Reporting

Athletic Certification Specialist: Chris Case

Catalog and Curriculum

Curriculum and Academic Communications Specialist: Bethany Haymond


Prof. Tech II: Aman McWilliams, Kent Campbell, Joelle Starn


Associate Registrar: Josh Imes

Student Services

Assistant Registrar: Kristi Wright

Student Services Associates: Amanda Metheney, Julie Maxwell, Kyrianna Heller, Vacant


  • Oversees all student services functions including registration, transcripts, and graduation
  • Maintains all student records
  • Establishes and maintains registration calendar and process
  • Responsible for all matters related to academic history


Assistant Registrar: Tom Snider
Prof. Tech III: Rebecca Tarabrella, Vacant


  • Data reporting for campus stakeholders
  • Lead technology initiatives for the Office
  • Liaise with campus technical and functional groups

Course Planning and Scheduling

Assistant Registrar: Michael Zielinski


  • Block scheduling
  • University scheduling initiatives

Transfer Services and Regional Campuses

Associate Registrar: Taylor Richmond
Program Coordinator: Michael Weber
Program Coordinator: Katie Balcom
Program Coordinator: Melissa Kelley
Program Coordinator: Charles 'Mike' Glade


  • Oversees the process whereby non-WVU coursework is reviewed and articulated
  • Maintains the institution’s credit equivalency database
  • Establishes and maintains academic partnerships with other institutions, including the creation of articulated plans of study
  • Responsible for processing of transient, study abroad, and advanced placement exam requests