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Notarizations and Apostilles


Notarizations and Apostilles are a means through which a diploma or transcript is vouched for its authenticity. Notarizations for diplomas and transcripts can be performed by the Office of the University Registrar after the completion of the WVU Office of the University Registrar Notarization Form and Service Fee payment.

What can be notarized?

Diplomas – The Office of the University Registrar can notarize a diploma or an image of a diploma that has been scanned or faxed. First and foremost, the student should inquire with the agency seeking the verification to determine what would be acceptable.

Transcripts – The Office of the University Registrar can also notarize official transcripts. Please note, we cannot notarize an image of a transcript or an unofficial transcript.


The office charges a $5.00 service fee for each notarized document. The student must provide the OUR with a money order.


Once a document is notarized, it may then be sent to the Secretary of State for an Apostille seal if this level of authentication is needed. For more information on Apostilles, visit the Secretary of State’s website or call the Secretary of State at 1-866-767-8683.