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Electronic Diploma

WVU Electronic Diploma

Beginning with the class of December 2021*, WVU is proud to offer the Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma). Students who complete an official certificate program also have the option of downloading a certified electronic certificate (CeCertificate).

The CeDiploma/CeCertificate is optional for students to purchase for the price of $15.95.  All WVU graduates are still issued a free traditional paper diploma that will be mailed out 4-6 weeks after commencement once degrees are officially conferred ( 6-8 weeks if shipping internationally). The CeCredential is for electronic use only and is not intended to be printed.

Students who purchase the CeCredential will have access to the document for life.

*NOTE:  CeDiplomas are currently only available for students who have graduated December 2021 or forward .

Ordering Instructions

All December 2021 graduates and forward, who are eligible to purchase a CeCredential are sent an email communication directly to their MIX account with instructions and a link for ordering, tailored specifically to the graduate. This link is not distributed until your physical diploma has been shipped out from our diploma vendor, 4-6 weeks after graduation.  If you have misplaced your email/link to order, or if your link to order has expired, please email with your Student ID number so we can assist in reactivating your CeCredential link.

Pre-December 2021 Graduates

Students who graduated prior to Fall 2021 are not eligible to purchase an electronic diploma. Graduates will need to order a paper replacement diploma and can submit payment online using our Credential Trust portal at: Click here!