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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Transferring credit from other domestic institutions

Advanced Placement

College credit during high school

Study Abroad

Transferring credit from other domestic institutions

When will my transfer credits be processed at WVU?

Transfer credits are articulated to a students record with 48-72 hours of receipt of their official transcript. If coursework appears missing, please contact the WVU Office of Admissions to confirm receipt of your official transcripts. You may contact the Office of Admissions by emailing them at or calling their office at 304-293-2121.

Do grades transfer?

Yes, WVU transfers all credits and grades from college level coursework.

How do I know my classes will transfer to WVU?

All college level (non-remedial) coursework from regionally accredited institutions are transferrable to WVU. Coursework completed at non-regionally accredited schools, credit earned via military experience or professional certification requires approval by the Dean of the student’s academic college before it may be articulated and applied toward the student’s WVU transcript.

How do I know when my transfer courses are given final WVU evaluation and are articulated to my WVU transcript?

Students who utilize the Transfer Equivalency Review Request System are notified via email of the completion of the evaluation. Updates to your Degree Works audit will appear the following day. If you’ve received confirmation of the evaluation being complete, and your Degree Works audit is not updated, please email for assistance in the matter.

What if my previously attended school institution is not in the “Transfer Credit Database”?

Institutions and courses not in the database have not yet been evaluated. Please utilize our Transfer Equivalency Review Request system to have the course(s) reviewed for equivalency.

If my courses are found to be not equivalent to any WVU courses, can I follow up with the WVU department that coordinates the course for their evaluation?

Questions or appeals of equivalency decisions should be sent to

How will my classes transfer to WVU?

Equivalency decisions are granted either by the WVU Office of the University Registrar Transfer Unit, or by faculty evaluation. They will decide whether the course has a direct equivalent WVU course, or will transfer in as an open credit elective. Open credit electives may still be utilized by your academic program to meet various degree requirements.

My transfer credits were reviewed but now I can’t see anything on my Degree Works audit?

If credits appear to be missing from your Degree Works, please email

Can I appeal a transfer credit decision?

Questions or appeals of equivalency decisions should be sent to

What grade do I need to earn in a course for it to transfer?

WVU transfers in all grades of A-F. Please note that certain majors may require minimum grades in specific courses to satisfy major requirements.

What if I can’t find my copy of the course syllabus?

Students who do not have a recent course syllabus are encouraged to contact their course instructor, or the department that housed the course at their previous institution.

When do I need to send a transcript?

Students are encouraged so send their transcripts to WVU as soon as their grades have been posted by their previous/current institution, or as soon as possible.

Where do I send my official transcripts?

All official documents, such as transcripts should be sent to the WVU Office of Admissions.

How do I know the transcript has been received?

Coursework that has been received and processed will appear in the student’s Degree Works audit. There is generally a 48-72 turnaround time from receipt of a transcript to the appearance of the coursework in Degree Works. Students who believe their transcripts have not been received should contact the WVU Office of Admissions to confirm the receipt of their records.

Is there a deadline?

The general deadline to apply is August 1st for the fall semester, and December 1st for the spring semester. Students should submit all transcripts prior to these deadlines. There is no deadline to submit requests for course evaluations. Students are encouraged to do so as soon as possible to ensure they are taking the appropriate courses.

As a current WVU student below a 2.0 overall GPA, can I take classes in transient = at another school to transfer back to WVU?

Transient requests will not be approved for students who have below a 2.0 GPA. Any coursework taken without transient approval will be translated as NOEQ 1NT, with a grade of CR.

If I am taking a semester or more off from WVU and want to take classes at another school to transfer back to WVU, what should I do?

Current WVU students who plan to take coursework at another institution should consult with their academic advisor, and complete the transient application process.

What do I do if my transfer courses have not been applied to my WVU transcript but I need to add a WVU course that requires them to satisfy pre-requisite requirements?

Equivalency reviews through the Transfer Equivalency Review Request sytem take an average of 5-10 days. Students are strongly encouraged to submit requests as soon as possible to ensure they are registered for the appropriate courses at WVU.

What if I took courses a long time ago?

Depending on the age of your coursework, additional work and evaluation may be needed to determine a course is still equivalent. Certain subjects may have restrictions on how long an equivalency may stand given changing content within a field. All coursework taken prior to 2001 is articulated with the SUBJ xTC, with the appropriate subject code and level of the transfer course utilized.

Does WVU award transfer credit for life experience?

Under WVU’s Prior Learning Credit policy, credit is awarded for military experience and professional certifications for all undergraduate students. Students pursuing a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree may seek credit for life experiences via their portfolio process.

Do I have to declare all college level credit to WVU?

Under WVU’s admissions policies all college-level credits and grades must be transferred into WVU for calculation of earned hours and GPA. This includes transfer, transient, dual enrollment, and other types. Failure to do so can result in a revocation of your offer of admission.

Advanced Placement

How do I send my AP scores to WVU?

When taking advanced placement exams, students need to select WVU as one of the recipient institutions. If they did not, they will need to access the College Board account, obtain a score card, and send it to the WVU Office of Admissions.

What score do I need to earn WVU credit?

WVU will award credit for any exam in which a score of 3 or higher is earned.

I’ve sent my AP scores, but they aren’t showing on Degree Works.

For first time freshmen, advanced placement exam scores are not automatically articulated to the student’s record, but may be requested to be so at this link. If a student’s scores have been received, they will appear at the bottom of the Degree Works audit, under the “Not Counted” category, where they remain until they are requested to be utilized. If the scores do not appear there, students should contact the WVU Office of Admissions to confirm their receipt.

Should I take credit through AP exams or dual enrollment?

There are several factors that may impact this decision, including cost, availability of courses during school hours, etc. Regarding factors related to academics, it is important to remember that dual enrollment courses carry a grade that will impact a student’s overall GPA at WVU, while courses awarded via advanced placement do not. All these factors should be considered before choosing between these two options

I am taking the AP Lang & Comp exam but also have English 101 credit through dual enrollment. Can the AP exam still help me?

If a student already has ENGL 101 via dual enrollment, they will need to score a 5 to gain any benefit from take the AP Lang & Comp exam. Doing so will award the student with ENGL 103, and complete the GEF 1 requirement.

What does 1AP mean?

1AP is a coding used when credit is awarded for an exam score, but that score does not have a direct equivalent. This will count as elective credit in the respective subject, and depending on the exam and score, may be utilized to satisfy general education requirements.

Do I need to take any additional steps to have AP credit applied to my record?

If a student is a first-time freshman, they should follow the directions on here to submit a request for their credits to be applied. If the student is a transfer student, their AP credits are automatically applied to their WVU transcript.

Who do I check with for AP courses to be transferred to WVU, and which WVU department receives them?

All official documents should be sent to the WVU Office of Admissions to be added to your recorded. If you have questions regarding how your courses have been articulated, please email

Can I have all or just some of my AP credits count before beginning my first semester at WVU?

First time freshmen have the option to request any, none, or all of their Advanced Placement equivalencies be articulated to the record. Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine the most advantageous courses to articulate.

How do I go about having certain AP credits officially count at WVU?

After consulting with their academic advisors, students should follow the steps outlined on here to submit an official request form for approval.

Why don’t I see my AP exams on the transfer credit report?

First time freshmen students do not have their Advanced Placement equivalents automatically awarded at the timne of enrollment. Students should consult with their academic advisor to request the exam equivalents that are most advantageous to their degree.

College credit during high school

I am a first-time freshman who has not yet started my first semester at WVU. If I am taking coursework in the summer before I attend WVU, do I go through the transient process or are they transferred in like courses taken while in high school?

Dual enrollment courses taken while in high school do not fall under transient policies. Please request an official transcript from the institution through which your courses.

How do I earn transfer credit for dual enrollment classes I took in high school?

Students who took college level courses in high should submit an official transcript from the institution that offered the courses to the WVU Office of Admissions. Once received, your coursework will be articulated to your WVU record before you attend Freshman Orientation.

Is there a maximum number of dual enrollment credits I can transfer to WVU?

No, all credits from dual enrollment courses (that are college level and not remedial) will transfer into WVU. Students must meet all degree requirements and the WVU residency requirement to be awarded a WVU degree.

Am I considered a transfer student if I took college courses in high school?

No, only students who have attended another institution after graduating high school, and completed 24 credit hours or more, are considered transfer students.

My school is now offering dual enrollment courses. How can I make sure the courses will transfer to WVU?

Students are encouraged check the WVU transfer credit database to ensure that the school and course have been previously reviewed. For courses not yet in the database, students may submit a syllabus for review through the Transfer Equivalency Review Request system.

How will these dual enrollment courses apply to my specific degree program?

This depends greatly on the program in which the student plans to major. Students are encouraged to contact a representative from the college or school for the best guidance on applicable dual enrollment courses.

Study Abroad

Can I study abroad and earn degree-pursiantcredit through WVU?

Yes! Students are encouraged to coordinate with their academic advisor, and the Education Abroad Office to discover which programs and courses are best suited for their majors.