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Transfer Credit Information

Transfer credit refers to any coursework not taken at West Virginia University. It may take several forms, including Transient credit, Study Abroad credit, or Advanced Placement exams. 

Policies governing transfer credit can be found in the WVU catalog.

The following topics are our most requested.  Please click on the collapsible bar below for more information on those topics.  Each topic is also further expanded upon using the navigation links on the right side of the screen (PC) or at the very bottom of the page (mobile).

Transfer Credit Database

To identify how evaluated coursework transfers to WVU, please reference the transfer credit database (downloading and installing the launcher is required).

If you are having difficulties opening the database, you may access the established equivalencies in the following Excel spreadsheet .

Institutions and courses that are not found within the database simply have not been evaluated at this point. Coursework may be evaluated using WVU's Transfer Equivalency Review Request (TERR) system.

Requesting Coursework to be Evaluated

Prior to submitting a request, you must make use of TESS, Transferology, and the internal course database.

Courses may be evaluated and added to the WVU Transfer Credit Database by utilizing the Transfer Equivalency Review Request (TERR) system . In most cases, the review process takes 5 to 10 business days.

The WVU Office of the Registrar is able to determine certain equivalencies at the 100/1000 (freshman) and 200/2000 (sophomore) level. If you have not begun working with our office, and have 5 or more courses at or below the 200/2000 level, please utilize the following spreadsheet and email us the list for an initial review. You will be notified of our findings, and if further review through TERR is necessary.

Students who are unable to obtain syllabi from their transfer institution may request an official request letter from our office. Please send an sending an email to us indicating the institution and courses being requested.

Please review the requirements for submitting a request as incomplete requests will cause a delay in evaluation.

Students who wish to appeal the University's evaluation of transfer credit may do so on a case by case basis within one semester of transferring to WVU. To submit a request simply email outlining your appeal with specific information about the course in question.

Special DegreeWorks Course Notation for Transient and Transfer Courses

Some coursework may not have a direct WVU equivalent. Use the list below to see how those credits may be applied based on their notation. Be sure to follow-up with your advisor for your specific degree plan.

  • 1TC, 2TC, 3TC or 4TC: Open elective credit that does not immediately fulfill a specific degree program requirement, but counts towards graduation.
  • 1C1 and 1C2: English composition courses that fulfill GEF 1, but not the English major requirements of ENGL 101 or ENGL 102.
  • NOEQ 100: Coursework that has not yet been evaluated for equivalency. Self service, you can submit these for review through TERR.
  • NOEQ 1NT: A course taken in transient without approval. You need a transient form. Please work with your advisor on this immediately.
  • 1AP: Advanced Placement scores without a direct equivalent.
  • 1IB: International Baccalaureate exam scores that do not have an approved equivalent.
  • 1CL: College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam scores that do not have an approved equivalent.

Transient Credit

Transient coursework is any coursework taken by a currently enrolled WVU student at another institution. Please utilize the following page in order to properly request to take coursework in transient.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad refers to coursework taken at an international institution as part of an approved program through the Office of Global Affairs. Please utilize the following page in order to properly request to take courses via Study Abroad.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement refers to coursework earned via sufficient scoring on various exams, typically taken while in high school. These include:

  • Advanced Placement Exams (AP)
  • International Baccalaureate Exams (IB)
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Please use the following page in order to properly submit and/or request the articulation of Advanced Placement coursework.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions regarding transfer and/or transient credit, please email us.