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Resources and Documentation

Grade Entry

Here are the instructions on how to enter midterm and final grades. If you do not know your Portal username and/or PIN, please call ITS Help Desk at 304-293-4444.

Portal Login

Standards for Records Retention and Disposal

This document references items stored in a hard copy format (paper). Data entered into the student information system is held in perpetuity.

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Please email  OUR for training schedule and registration.

OUR and Ellucian Documentation

Student Systems Management Documentation

Banner Document Management (BDM)

Catalog Management (CMS)

Download the  Catalog Editing Manual and Style Guide.

Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM)

The CIM software system takes the course and program approval process online. Customized forms are used to streamline the process, workflow is pre-populated for effective approval routing, and users can track the progress of proposals in the system at anytime. Banner course data, the CIM system, and the academic catalogs work together to ensure all catalogs are updated with approved course and program data. Because all three systems are integrated, users can easily identify all impacted courses across a proposed change, and all changes are tracked in the system.

CIM Courses

CIM Courses instructions will provide information for faculty members submitting and/or reviewing the following:

  • Propose new courses
  • Make course alterations
  • Make course changes
  • Add a GEC, Writing, or Capstone attribute to a course
  • Complete an audit for a GEC or Writing course


Download CIM Courses Initiator

Download CIM Coursers Reviewer

Login CIM Courses

CIM Programs

CIM Courses nstructions will provide information for faculty members submitting and/or reviewing the following:

  • Propose a new major (associated with a new or existing degree designation and/or degree program)
  • Propose a new minor
  • Propose a new Area of Emphasis
  • Make a change to an existing program
  • Deactivate a program


Download CIM Programs Initiator

Login CIM Programs