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Graduate Transfer Credit

Graduate Transfer Credit

Students at the graduate and professional level may request to have credit earned from other institutions articulated to their record. Credit earned at other institutions of higher education can only be credited toward graduate degrees at WVU if the institution is accredited at the graduate level.

The maximum transfer credit permitted is 12 semester hours for Master's programs. Transfer credit is not restricted for doctoral students as doctoral degrees are not credit hours accumulation degrees.

Completion of doctoral degree requirements through work at other institutions can be entered as exceptions into DegreeWorks by a student’s program with or without formal transfer of credits.

Information for students

In consultation with your Chair or advisor, complete the graduate transfer credit form

The student is responsible for having an official transcript sent to the Office of the Graduate Admissions.

Information for advisors

Once a student has completed graduate transfer credit form, you can verify and submit the request using the Graduate Transfer Credit Process