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2022-2023 Academic Catalog Editing

The 2022-2023 editions of the WVU-Morgantown, WVU-Beckley, and WVU-Keyser catalogs are now open for editing. Page Owners should begin editing their catalog pages at this time.


  • Page owners should start the workflow on their pages no later than Sunday, March 20th.*
  • All department levels should approve their pages no later than Sunday, April 3rd.*
  • All colleges should approve their pages no later than Sunday, May 1st.*
  • All catalogs will be published by May 27th.*

*Pages will be automatically advanced to the next level of workflow the following day starting at 8:30am.

Information for Page Owners

To begin editing the pages for which you are responsible, go to the future catalog website and navigate to the page you own (e.g. Horticulture, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Finance, Social and Behavioral Sciences, etc.). If you have questions regarding what pages you own or the workflow associated with a page, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Pages in the catalog contain various tabs that may also need to be edited. It is important to know that even though these tabs look to be housed separately from the page they live on, they are actually included on the page in which you submit to workflow. All tabs should be reviewed and/or edited before submitting the entire page to workflow.

Overview – This is the main tab for your program. This tab contains all general program information (Mission, Achievements, etc.) excluding program requirements.
Faculty – This tab contains all faculty members for your program. This tab should be reviewed and maintained by the department. The training documentation attached to this email serves as a style guide to ensure consistency across faculty tabs in the catalog.
Admission – Requirements for admission into the program are stored on this tab. University admission requirements should not be included here.

*Please remember that catalog editing pertains only to general program information (i.e. – Overview, Admissions, and Faculty). Edits to curriculum requirements and/or Program Learning Outcomes are entered and submitted through CIM Programs and are not available through the catalog editing workflow. Please contact our office if you need assistance with curriculum requirements or program learning outcomes.

Information for Department and College Reviewers

Go to the future catalog approval website ( and login with your MyID username and MyID password.

Select your reviewer role in the “Your Role” dropdown menu. Here you will be able to review, edit, rollback, and/or approve your page in workflow.

New This Year

  • In addition to the WVU-Morgantown Undergraduate Catalog, the admissions content for each program's catalog page in the WVU-Graduate Catalog will go through a separate workflow than the rest of the page. This separate workflow will keep the Dean's Office, Provost's Office, and Admissions apprised of any changes to a program's admissions requirements. Page owners will have the same access to edit this portion of their pages as they normally would, and there is only a slight difference on accessing this content and submitting it to workflow. Page reviewers/approvers also have the same access as they normally would by going to the approve page and navigating to their appropriate role(s). The only caveat to this new initiative is that the Provost's Office will be pulled into workflow, which results in a slightly different timeline that the rest of the catalog page.
  • In addition to the WVU-Morgantown Undergraduate Catalog, which began last year, all admissions tabs across the University System will need to have the Admissions Requirements for the future year in addition to the major code list at the bottom of the tab. An example for a program not expecting changes to the admissions criteria would be:
      • First-Time Freshman are admitted directly into the XYZ major
      • Students transferring from another major within WVU are directly admitted to the XYZ major if they are in good academic standing (2.0 or higher GPA).
      • Students transferring from another institution are directly admitted to the XYZ major if they are in good academic standing (2.0 or higher GPA).
      Admissions Requirements 2023 - 2024
      • The admissions requirements above will be the same for the 2023 - 2024 Academic Year
      Major Code: 1234      

  • In addition to the WVU-Morgantown Undergraduate Catalog, the Curriculum Requirements and course lists will appear different than in years past for the WVU-Morgantown Graduate Catalog and the WVU Institute of Technology Catalog. Each program will be delineated into University Requirements, Program and Major Requirements.
  • Undergraduate Admissions Tabs Must Include:
    • Admission for First-Time Freshman
    • Admission for Transfer Students
    • Admission for Current WVU Students
  • Minors will no longer appear on department or program pages. Minor requirements will be included on a tab located on a college/school page.
  • To improve (1)  the navigation in the program search function (CAT Impact) and (2)  the location and delineation of program learning outcomes, we’ve separated out catalog pages with either multiple degree designations, multiple modalities (if differentiated in CIM Programs), or multiple levels (eg. BA Biology and BS Biology, Traditional MBA and Online MBA, MSBmE, and PhD, etc.). With this update, we’ve only moved the program requirements (and AOEs if applicable) and learning outcomes to their own page(s). No editing is necessary on these additional pages as the content is derived from CIM Programs, however, page owners will still need to submit the pages to workflow. This can be done by clicking the Edit Page button, clicking the Set Up tool in the top toolbar, and clicking OK. Once this is completed, the Start Workflow button at the bottom right hand corner will turn green.
  • Based on requests from multiple colleges, it was decided to add an Area of Emphasis tab to all program pages that offer an Area of Emphasis. This will make it easier to identify programs that offer an Area of Emphasis as well as locate the requirements in the catalog. Readers will no longer have to scroll to the bottom of the major tab to see the course list associated with the AOE.

Catalog Links

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    Archived Catalogs

    Faculty: If you need instructions on how to use Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM), training documents are available.