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Transient Coursework

Transient Coursework

Transient coursework is any coursework taken by a currently enrolled WVU student at another institution.

Students are limited to take a total of 18 credit hours in transient, and only 9 of which may be major specific requirements.

Any coursework taken within one (1) years from a student's last term of enrollment at WVU will be subject to university and college specific transient policies.

For more information regarding transient coursework and related policies, please refer to the WVU catalog.

Once you know what courses you want to take, and where you want to take them, you and your advisor can access the transfer credit database to determine how the course(s) will transfer back to WVU (downloading and installing the launcher is required).

If you want to take a course that is not listed, you must request that it be added to the database via the Transfer Equivalency Review Request (TERR). In most cases, the review process takes 5 to 10 business days.
  • Courses that are not in the database will not be approved to be taken in transient.
  • Courses taken in transient at other institutions without proper approval will transfer in as NOEQ 1NT (refer to our main page).

Request transient approval to take a course(s) at another institution. You will need to download the PDF, complete and save it, and then email it to your advisor for review and submission to the Dean's Office for approval.

Information for advisors

Once a student has emailed you a transient form, you can verify and submit the request using the Transient Credit Approval Process