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Prior Learning Credit

Prior Learning Credit

Prior Learning Credit is used to reference various methods of earning college credit for previous experiences that are not automatically transferred to a students record at their point of Admission. This includes military experience, approved equivalency via certifications, and coursework taken at non-regionally accredited institutions.

Except for credit for military service, students are limited to articulating a total of 18 hours of these types of credit to their record. No more than 9 hours may be major requirements. Special exception beyond that limit must be approved by the Dean of your college.

Certain West Virginia University colleges and programs may have increased limitations on the acceptance and/or use of Prior Learning Credit. 

To confirm WVU has evaluated your Prior Learning Credit, you and your advisor can access the transfer credit database to determine how the course(s) will translate to your record (downloading and installing the launcher is required).

If you wish to articulate Prior Learning Credit that is not listed, you must request that it be added to the database via the Transfer Equivalency Review Request (TERR). Coursework taken at a non-regionally accredited institution will require a syllabus. Credit earned via certification or military experience will need to utilize the specialized form in lieu of a syllabus. In most cases, the review process takes 5 to 10 business days.

Request Prior Learning Credit Articulation to apply coursework under this umbrella to your record. You will need to download the PDF, complete and save it, and then email it to your advisor for review and submission to the Dean's Office for approval.

Information for advisors

Once a student has emailed you a Prior Credit form, you can verify and submit the request using the Prior Credit Approval Process