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Late Registration Fee FAQs

Late Registration Fee FAQs

Q. Why is the late registration fee being implemented?

The fee will help ensure on-time degree completion. Registering earlier means getting into the classes needed to stay on track to graduate within the expected timeline. Graduating on time can reduce loan debt and credit card debt. Students who do not graduate within the expected timeline also may run out of financial aid eligibility and be unable to graduate.

Students do not receive important communications about their financial aid, billing and payment options until they register. Late registration means receiving a bill closer to the start of the semester, when there is less time to secure funding. A compressed timeline may result in a student being removed from courses.


Q. What are the benefits of early registration?
  • Finalizing their schedule earlier ensures that a student’s bill is accurate and allows them to better prepare for payment each semester.
  • Colleges, schools and units can plan course offerings earlier and ensure they have the appropriate number of sessions for each course.
  • The earlier a student signs up for a payment plan, the lower each month’s payment will be. Later registration limits payment flexibility – and potentially the ability to attend a campus in the WVU system.
  • Early registration helps students obtain the courses they need to complete their degree in a timely manner.
Q. How much is the late registration fee?

A $50 late registration fee will be assessed for continuing students who do not take advantage of early registration by November 30, 2019.

Q. Which student groups are being charged a late registration fee?

All continuing students will be charged a late registration fee. Exceptions are high school students enrolled in courses through the ACCESS program and students being readmitted for spring 2020.

Q. Has a late registration fee been applied before?

Late registration fees have been assessed in the past. As we continue to focus on student success and retention, we know that continuing students who register for classes late are faced with potential roadblocks that are avoidable if they register earlier.

Q. What is the deadline to pre-register?

Continuing students must register by November 30, 2019, to avoid a late registration fee for spring 2020.

Q. Can a student still register after November 30?

Yes, registration will remain open and students may register after November 30. However, a late registration fee will be applied to their account.

Q. What are the spring pre-registration priority dates?

Pre-registration for both spring and summer 2020 opens on October 15 for the first group of students eligible to register. Pre-registration priority dates for student cohorts can be found at .

Q. What if a new student is starting in spring and will register when they attend New Student Orientation in January, after the deadline?

The late registration fee will not apply to new students beginning in the spring semester or high school students taking courses through the ACCESS program. However, if they are a continuing student – including those who were first-time students in fall 2019 – they will be assessed the fee.

Q. What about students who have a hold on their account preventing registration?

Students will need to resolve any holds before they can register. If they cannot register by the November 30 deadline, they will be assessed the late registration fee at the time of registration. Students can log into the portal and review any hold(s) on their account.

Q. What if a continuing student cannot register for a spring course until they finish a prerequisite course in fall?

Students may register for spring courses with a pre-requisite before the fall semester is over. They do not need to wait until completion of the course. 

Q. What if students need to adjust their schedules?

Please encourage students to finalize their entire spring schedule early as possible. Students can adjust their schedule after November 30 if necessary.

Any changes to schedule, housing, dining, etc. after financial aid has been released may mean the student must return funds to the university. Add and Drop Dates

Q. Will this apply to the summer 2020 semester as well?

No, the late registration fee will not apply to summer semesters. There will be a late registration fee assessed for spring and fall semesters in the future. 

Q. Is the late registration fee assessed each time students change their schedule or on a monthly basis on their account?

The late registration fee is assessed only once.

If you have any questions, please contact the Mountaineer Hub at: