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Late Registration Fee

As focus continues on student success and retention, we have learned that continuing students who register for classes late are faced with potential roadblocks that they could avoid if they registered earlier.

To emphasize the importance of early registration, a $50 late registration fee will be implemented for the first time in fall 2019 for spring 2020 registration. Continuing students can avoid the fee by registering for at least one class by November 30, 2019 – they do not need to have a finalized schedule before the deadline.

Continuing students who register early are more likely to get the schedule they need to stay on track to graduate within the expected timeline, since prerequisite courses can be identified and mapped out. Colleges, schools and units can plan course offerings earlier and ensure they have the appropriate number of sections for each course.

The earlier continuing students register, the earlier they receive information about their enrollment, financial aid, billing and payment options. They have fewer issues related to billing and payment, and are less likely to be dropped from their classes.

New students will not be subjected to a late registration fee.

Pre-registration for both spring and summer 2020 began October 15 for the first group of students eligible to register; priority dates for cohorts can be found at

For additional information, check out these FAQs.