Online Transcript Request

Please utilize Internet Explorer when ordering a transcript.

To request a transcript anytime, from virtually anywhere, current or former students may order transcripts online 24/7 using the TranscriptsPlus System (Credentials Inc.). Credentials is a vendor that provides this service through an agreement with West Virginia University. The service is secure and encrypted.

Key features of this service include:
  • 24/7 access. A student may submit a request from any computer connected to the Internet anywhere in the world.
  • Easy address look-up. A search feature connects a student to a database of many college and university mailing addresses.
  • Precise addressing. A student has control over what address we use to send the transcript. No more worries about an inability to read hand-written addresses.
  • Easy checking. The student can look on-line 24/7 to make sure the transcript has been printed or sent electronically. If FedEx was used, he/she can view the tracking number. If there is a problem in processing, he/she will receive an e-mail or text message notification and can see what the problem is immediately, without waiting for the mailed notification.
  • Exact pricing. The student is told immediately what the total cost will be, and he/she can pay by credit card. He/she does not have to worry about delays due to paying the wrong amount.
  • Communication channel. An e-mail or text message is sent to the student each time that there is a status change in their transcript order. From receipt of the order to notice when the transaction is completed, the student is automatically notified each step of the way. This becomes especially important if there are any problems with the order.
  • FedEx. FedEx delivery is available as long as the address is somewhere FedEx can deliver to. Additional FedEx fees and special services apply.

All orders require a credit/debit card which will be charged by ePay West Virginia once the transcript request has been entered and a confirmation number is provided. (This does not mean the transcript has been printed or mailed yet). You will need a valid e-mail address.

Instructions for Current Students
(WVU ID and password required)

1. Login to the WVU Portal at

2. At Secure Access Login enter User Name and Password. Click Login button

3. Click STAR tab

4. Click on the link “Click here to enter STAR

5. Click “Student Services, Housing, and Financial Aid”

6. Click “Student Records”

7. Click “Order Official Transcript – WVU Main Campus Only” button. You are now directed to the order form provided by Credentials Inc. Please follow all the directions to complete the order.

NOTE: Before ordering a transcript, students should log on to their MIX account to insure that all grades and degree(s) have been posted. Missing grades or degrees will not justify resending a transcript at no charge. Transcript requests are processed immediately. They are not held for posting of final grades and/or degrees. If you are a current student and want to send a transcript with this information, please do not place your order until your grades and/or degree are posted to your unofficial transcript in MIX.

For Former Students/Alumni (without WVU ID and Password)

Please use the link below to order your official transcript:

Cost for Each Transcript

Official Transcript via mail or secure PDF*: $12

Priority Official Transcript (pick-up only) $18

*If dates of attendance were prior to the Fall of 1997, the PDF option is not available.

Checks and money orders from outside of the United States will not be accepted. Please use Western Union money orders or contact us for more information.

To check on the status of your order, please click on the TranscriptsPlus link below:


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