Pre-Registration Priority Dates

Summer/Fall 2014

You are eligible to register by WEB beginning on or after the specified dates listed below. The WEB will operate each week from 8:00 AM Monday through Saturday at 11:00 PM. Students will be able to register on or after their priority registration dates as follow:

Check your classification and register at the appropriate time.

  • March 25: Professional, Graduate, Honors-SR, and Exceptions, Law-L3
  • March 26: Honors-JR, Law-L2
  • March 27: Honors-SO, Law-L1
  • March 28: Honors-FR
  • March 31: Seniors
  • April 2: Juniors
  • April 4: Sophomores
  • April 7: Freshmen

Classifications are based on hours earned and hours in progress for Spring 2014 Term.

Exception groups will be notified by their department