Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Records

+ How do I change my major?

+ How can I receive an enrollment verification letter?

+ How do I change my name?

+ Can I order an official transcript over the phone?

+ How can I order a transcript if I’m a former student?

+ When I order a transcript, can I only have my graduate coursework listed?

Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) System

+ How do I request or assign a flexible title course?

+ I am attempting to login to CIM Courses, Programs, the CIM Approval site, or the catalog site for editing using my MYID username and password, but it doesn’t let me in. What should I do?

+ There is a proposal in CIM that I need to review and approve. How do I do this?

+ How do I check on the status of a proposal? How can I check on the status of a proposal that was approved by Faculty Senate/Graduate Council?

+ I started a proposal in CIM and it is no longer needed. How do I remove it from the system?

+ CIM Programs ( is missing buttons or displaying questions on a form that should not be listed. Who should I contact?


+ Why is it that some students do not have an audit in DegreeWorks?

+ I’m a student and I’m not able to sign into DegreeWorks. What do I need to do?

+ I’m an advisor and I can’t access DegreeWorks. What do I need to do?

+ Why does the information I see in DegreeWorks appear to be incomplete or out-of-date?

+ I recently declared/changed my academic program (e.g. degree, major, AoE, minor, certificate) but my old academic program shows in DegreeWorks. What should I do?

+ I took a lecture and lab course to fulfill GEC 2B, but in DegreeWorks my audit tells me I have not completed GEC 2B. Why is that?

+ Why do some courses show in the Insufficient block in DegreeWorks?

+ Why isn’t the Degree block checked off as all of the course requirements have been completed?

+ The degree or major requirements that I see in DegreeWorks are different from what I believe the requirements are. What should I do?

Dropping or Withdrawing from Classes

+ What is the last day to drop a class without a “W”?

+ How can I withdraw from all my classes for the semester?

+ If I have a hold, how can I drop a course?


+ What are the measurements of the diploma for my degree?

+ What is the retention policy on diplomas?

+ Where will my diploma be sent?

+ When will I receive my diploma?

+ When will my degree/certificate be posted?

+ Will my minor appear on my diploma?

+ What do I do if I need a notarization and/or apostille?

+ How can I order a replacement diploma?

+ Are the Latin Honors on my diploma correct?

NCAA Certification

+ What does “degree-applicable” mean?

+ What are the situations in which a course would not be considered “degree-applicable”?

+ What are the NCAA academic eligibility rules that student-athletes must meet in order to compete at WVU?

+ I’m using DegreeWorks to certify this student-athlete but the audit that shows in DegreeWorks doesn’t match the academic information listed on the certification form.

+ What is the NCAA Declaration of Degree form? Why is it used?

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