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Capstone Courses

Capstone Courses

Current as of 01/15/2016

The capstone experience is defined as: an academic experience in which students demonstrate, in a significant, relevant project that has an oral and a written component, their abilities to:

1. Gather material independently, as needed

2. Think critically about and to integrate the theoretical and/or practical knowledge that they have acquired throughout their undergraduate careers

3. Reflect on the ethical issues that are implicit in their project and/or their project’s design

Currently, the following courses have been approved for meeting this requirement. Please note:

  • Not all of these courses are available every term.
  • Only sections listed as “C01-C09 or CH1-CH9 or TC1-TC9 or PC1-PC9” fulfill this requirement.
Downloadable Version of the List Below

A&VS 402 Values and Ethics
A&VS 491 Professional Field Experience
A&VS 496 Senior Thesis
ACE 494 Seminar
ADV 459 Campaigns
AEM 401 Environmental Microbiology
AGBI 486 Undergraduate Research Experience 2
AGEE 488 Professional Agricultural Internship
AGEE 491 Professional Field Experience
AGEE 494 Seminar
AGRN 425 Environmental Soil Management
AGRN 452 Grain and Special Crops
ARE 491 Professional Field Experience
ARE 496 Senior Thesis
ARHS 401 Senior Project-Capstone
ART 413 Senior Projects in Painting
ART 425 Graphic Design:Senior Project
ART 426 Senior Projects in Sculpture
ART 430 Senior Projects in Printmaking
ART 440 Senior Projects in Ceramics
ART 470 Senior Projects in Intermedia
ATTR 424 Athletic Training Senior Seminar
BCOR 460 Contemporary Business Strategy
BIOL 320 The Total Science Experience: Genomics
BIOL 321 Total Science Experience Laboratory
BIOL 386 Undergraduate Research
BIOL 486 Honors Investigation & Thesis
BIOL 494 Seminar
BIOM 480 Senior Design Seminar
BIOM 481 Senior Design Project
CDFS 320 Family Life Education
CDFS 415 Family Interaction and Communication
CDFS 491 Professional Field Experience
CE 479 Integrated Civil Engineering Design – Capstone
CHE 455 Chemical Process Design 1
CHE 456 Chemical Process Design 2
CHEM 401 Chemical Literature
CHEM 403 Undergraduate Seminar
CHIN 496 Senior Thesis
CIET 245 Highways
COMM 403 Capstone Seminar
COUN 415 Human Services Capstone Experience
CPE 480 Senior Design Seminar
CPE 481 Senior Design Project
CS 480 Senior Design
CS 481 Senior Project
CSAD 482 Clinical Practice/SLP
CSAD 483 Clinical Practice/Audiology
CSAD 485 Clinical Study & Application 2
DISB 486 Capstone Portfolio:Disability
DSGN 480 Designing Innovative Futures
DSGN 491 Professional Field Experience
DSGN 494 Seminar:Capstone
DSM 491 Professional Field Experience:Internship/Practice
DTHY 407 Advanced Dental Hygiene Methods 2
ECON 481 American Economic History
EDHS 489 Capstone Project: MDS in EDHS (effective fall 2016)
EDUC 411 Practicum 4/Technology Application
EE 480 Senior Design Seminar
EE 481 Senior Design Project
ENGL 418 Creative Writing Senior Seminar
ENGL 496 Senior Thesis
ENGL 491A Professional Field Experience
ENLM 450 Energy Land Management Strategic Planning
ENTO 412 Pest Management
ENVP 401 Environmental Microbiology
ENVP 412 Pest Management
ENVP 425 Environmental Soil Management
EXPH 496 Senior Thesis
FCLT 488 Capstone Latin American Study
FDM 424 Functional Apparel
FDM 491 Professional Field Experience:Merchandising Internship
FIS 410 Forensic Capstone
FMAN 434 Forest Resources Management Planning
FRCH 421 Survey of Literature 1
FRCH 422 Survey of Literature 2
FRCH 431 French Civilization
FRCH 432 Contemporary Culture
FRCH 450 French Cinema
FRCH 470 Culture En Direct
FRCH 496 Senior Thesis
GEOG 496 Senior Thesis
GEOL 400 Environmental Practicum
GEOL 404 Geology Field Camp
GER 441 GER Cultural Hist Since 1945
GER 496 Senior Thesis
HIST 484 Historical Research-Capstone
HIST 494 Seminar
HN&F 401 Senior Seminar in Nutrition
HN&F 494 Seminar
HORT 445 Greenhouse Management
HUM 492 Directed Study:Capstone-Liberal Art/Sciences
ID 455 Contract Interior Design 2
IENG 471 Design of Productive Systems 1
IENG 472 Design of Productive Systems 2
INTS 488 Capstone International Studies
ITAL 491 Professional Field Experience
ITAL 496 Senior Thesis
JRL 456 West Virginia Uncovered-CAP
JRL 459 Multimedia News Publication
JRL 485 Reed College MDS Capstone
JRL 487 Advanced Video Reporting and Producing
LARC 451 Advanced Landscape Architectural Design 2
MAE 471 Principles-Engineering Design
MAE 475 Flight Vehicle Design-Capstone
MAE 485 Flight Vehicle Design 2
MATH 491 Professional Field Experience:Capstone
MATH 494 Seminar:Capstone
MATH 495 Independent Study:Capstone
MATH 496 Senior Thesis:Capstone
MATH 493B Special Topics
MDS 489 Capstone
MINE 482 Mine Design
MINE 484 Mine Design-Report
MUSC 435 Repertoire:Voice
MUSC 467 Major Project in Theory, Composition, or Music History
MUSC 487 Student Teaching Seminar – Capstone
MUSC 488 Recital
MUSC 492 Directed Study:Capstone Study
MUSC 435A Repertoire:Piano
NSG 411 Complex Community Systems – Capstone
NSG 445 Interventions:Community
NSG 455 Interventions:Capstone
NSG 475 Applied Research/EBP – Capstone
OTH 408 Physical Impairment and Function 3
OTH 497 Research:Capstone
PATH 475 Medical Relevance
PET 489 Student Teaching Seminar
PHIL 480 Capstone Seminar
PHIL 496 Senior Thesis:Capstone
PHYS 496 Senior Thesis:Capstone
PNGE 480 Petroleum Engineering Design
POLS 487 Capstone:Senior Paper
POLS 488 Capstone:Political Simulation
POLS 489 Capstone: Citizenship Seminar
PR 459 Public Relations Campaigns-Capstone
PSYC 351 Topics in Social Psychology
PSYC 401 Psychology Capstone Experience
PSYC 490A Teaching Practicum:Capstone
PSYC 491A Professional Field Experience:Capstone
PSYC 495A Independent Study: Capstone
PSYC 498A Honors:Capstone
RELG 482 Interactions in World Religions
RELG 494 Seminar
RELG 494E Seminar
RPTR 485 Professional Development Seminar
RUSS 496 Senior Thesis:Capstone
SEES 497A Research:Capstone
SEP 474 Sport Studies Research Methods
SM 487 Issues in Sport Studies
SOCA 488 The Capstone Experience
SOWK 494A Sem:Capstone
SPAN 480 Issues in the Hispanic World
SPAN 481 Hispanic Presence in the World
STAT 482 Statistics Practicum
STAT 491 Professional Field Experience
STAT 494 Seminar:Capstone
STAT 496 Senior Thesis:Capstone
STCM 459 Strategic Communication/PR Campaigns
THET 401 Capstone Experience
THET 450 The Complete Performer
WDSC 460 Plant Layout Wood Industries
WDSC 480 Senior Projects 1
WDSC 481 Senior Projects 2
WGST 484 Seminar:Capstone
WMAN 450 Advanced Wildlife/Fisheries Management
WMAN 494 Seminar:Capstone

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