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West Virginia Northern Community College

West Virginia Northern Community College

West Virginia University is working with West Virginia Northern Community College to establish a permanent and formalized Memorandum of Understanding. The following are plans of study that are intended to be part of this partnership. 

The equivalencies listed, and the curriculum outlined, have been approved by WVU faculty in regards to the requirements of the WVU degree highlighted. Any proposed flexibility in the curriculum at West Virginia Northern Community College is assumed until the partnership is officially approved. While these plans of study can be effective guides, students are encouraged to work closely with academic advisors at both institutions to ensure all academic requirements are being met towards both programs. 

The WVU degrees to which the West Virginia Northern Community College programs are tied will be sorted by the WVU college and major. 

Chambers College of Business & Economics

Davis College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Eberly College of Arts & Sciences


    • RN-BSN

    Reed College of Media

    Potomac State College