Web Registration


1. Point your browser to http://www.mix.wvu.edu
2. You will see the “Mountaineer Information Xpress” with the MIX Login Screen
3. Enter your Username and Password.
4. Click “OK”
5. On the next page, click on the STAR tab at top of page
6. Click on “Click here to enter STAR
7. Click on the “Student Services & Housing” link
8. If the Security Information box pops up, click “Yes”. You are now connected to STAR
9. Click on the “Registration” link
10. Click on “Add or Drop Classes”
11. From the pull down window select term.
12. Click on “Submit”
13. At bottom of page click on “Class Search” button
14. At “Subject” field select Subject from the menu by using the scroll bar. When subject appears place pointer on subject and click to hi-lite.
15. At “Course Number” field type course number
16. At “Title” field leave blank
17. At “Schedule Type” select “All”
18. At “Credit Range” field leave blank
19. At “Campus” field click on “WVU Campus Course”
20. At “Part of Term” field leave as “All”
21. At “Instructor” field leave as “All”
22. At “Start Time” field leave at default
23. Click on the “Class Search” button at the bottom
24. If the class is open, click pointer in the box on the left side of the page under the “Select” heading
25. Click on the “Register” button at the bottom of the page. If no error messages are received, you are now registered
26. To review your schedule click on the “Student Services & Housing” tab at the top of the page
27. Click on the “Registration” link
28. Click on “Concise Student Schedule”
29. If you have selected courses that have variable credits or multiple grading modes available, (i.e. pass/fail, audit) you can make changes by choosing the “Change Class Options” link
30. Remember once you have completed registration, close your browser to protect your privacy
31. If you are in STAR longer than 20 minutes, MIX will time-out due to inactivity on the MIX pages.

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Permit List By College Department

Eberly College of Arts and Sciences


Last Name

First Name

Email Address

Biology Arthur Damien Damien.Arthur@mail.wvu.edu
Biology Wells Jeff JDWells@mail.wvu.edu
Biology Garbutt Keith Keith.Garbutt@mail.wvu.edu
Biology Thomas Elizabeth Beth.Thomas@mail.wvu.edu
Communications Studies Loy Nikki Nikki.Loy@mail.wvu.edu
Communications Studies Weber Andrea ACWeber@mail.wvu.edu
Communications Studies Shibley John John.Shibley@mail.wvu.edu
Communications Studies Squires Janelle Janelle.Squires@mail.wvu.edu
Communications Studies Straight Kimberly Kimberly.Straight@mail.wvu.edu
Communications Studies Kisner Renee Renee.Kisner@mail.wvu.edu
English Vasquez Mary Mary.Vasquez@mail.wvu.edu
English Marshall Michele Michele.Marshall@mail.wvu.edu
English Riley Amanda Amanda.Riley@mail.wvu.edu
English Bissett Marsha Marsha.Bissett@mail.wvu.edu
English Berger Gwen Gwen.Bergner@mail.wvu.edu
English Burton Jonathan Jonathan.Burton@mail.wvu.edu
English Komisarak Adam Adam.Komisaruk@mail.wvu.edu
English Hathaway Rosemary Rosemary.Hathaway@mail.wvu.edu
English Sweet Tim Timothy.Sweet@mail.wvu.edu
English Baniak Cynthia Cynthia.Baniak@mail.wvu.edu
Forensic & Investigative Science Britton Lori Lori.Britton@mail.wvu.edu
Geology Lang  Hope Helen.Lang@mail.wvu.edu
Geology Stewart Hope Hope.Stewart@mail.wvu.edu
Geology Lebold Joe Joe.Lebold@mail.wvu.edu
Geology Gao Dengliang Dengliang.Gao@mail.wvu.edu
Geology Toro Jaime Jaime.Toro@mail.wvu.edu
History Vester Matt Matt.Vester@mail.wvu.edu
History Warnke Becky Becky.Warnke@mail.wvu.edu
Math Angeline Mary Beth mbangeline@math.wvu.edu
Physics Ervin Roxanne Roxanne.Ervin@mail.wvu.edu
Physics Puskar Sharon Sharon.Puskar@mail.wvu.edu
Psychology – 490, 491, 495, 498 Lewis Vee Vee.Lewis@mail.wvu.edu
Psychology – 490, 491, 495, 498 & graduate Swinney Debra Debra.Swinney@mail.wvu.edu
Social Work Hopple Shelley Shelley.Hopple@mail.wvu.edu
Social Work Gorbey Morgan Morgan.Gorbey@mail.wvu.edu
Social Work Dailey Barbara Barbara.Dailey@mail.wvu.edu

Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design

Department Last Name First Name Email Address
Associate Dean’s Office Smith Denny dsmith3@wvu.edu
Associate Dean’s Office Dudley Rita rdudley2@wvu.edu
Associate Dean’s Office Tolka Linda ltolka2@wvu.edu
Animal & Nutrition Sciences Riggs Gretchen griggs@wvu.edu
Animal & Nutrition Sciences Lewis Paul plewis@wvu.edu
Design and Merchandising Patterson Joy jpatters@wvu.edu
Design and Merchandising Lentz Holly holly.lentz@mail.wvu.edu
Forestry and Natural Resources VanDevander Sharon sharon.vandevander@mail.wvu.edu
Plant and Soil Sciences Erwin Marcy mlerwin@mail.wvu.edu
Plant and Soil Sciences Rowan Susie growan@mail.wvu.edu
Resource Management Compton Alice acompto3@wvu.edu
Resource Management Spring Dianna dspring2@wvu.edu
Resource Management Lewis Lisa llewis2@wvu.edu
Resource Management Jimmie Melanie melanie.jimmie@mail.wvu.edu

College of Business and Economics

Department Last Name First Name Email Address
ACCT/MIS and BUSA 202 Minter Priscilla priscilla.minter@mail.wvu.edu
ECON and BUSA 201 Smith Karen KRSmith@mail.wvu.edu
ENTR 300-level St. Clair Tara tara.stclair@mail.wvu.edu
FIN/MKTG and BUSA 330/BUSA 340 Carter Erin erin.carter@mail.wvu.edu
GSCM/HTOR/INBS/MANG, ENTR 400-level, and BUSA 310/320 Morrow  Jo jo.morrow@mail.wvu.edu

College of Creative Arts

Department Last Name First Name Email Address
CAC Winsor William William.Winsor@mail.wvu.edu
CAC Rhodes Theresa Theresa.Rhodes@mail.wvu.edu
CAC Hanks Rachel Rachel.Hanks@mail.wvu.edu
Art & Design Helm Alison Alison.Helm@mail.wvu.edu
Art & Design Olson Kristina Kristina.Olson@mail.wvu.edu
Art & Design Weaver Patsy Patsy.Weaver@mail.wvu.edu
Art & Design Graham Katherine Katherine.Graham@mail.wvu.edu
Art Education Aman Ronald Ronald.Aman@mail.wvu.edu
Art Education Fergus Victoria Victoria.Fergus@mail.wvu.edu
Music Jackson Keith Keith.Jackson@mail.wvu.edu
Music Schwartz Sandra Sandra.Schwartz@mail.wvu.edu
Music Lewis Jodie Jodie.Lewis@mail.wvu.edu
Theatre and Dance Williamson Joshua Joshua.Williamson@mail.wvu.edu
Theatre and Dance Kurcaba Carol Carol.Kurcaba@mail.wvu.edu

Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

Department Last Name First Name Email Address
STATLER student services – CE, IE, MINE, PNGE Tait Yvonne Yvonne.Tait@mail.wvu.edu
STATLER student services – CE, IE, MINE, PNGE Offutt Sarah Sarah.Offutt@mail.wvu.edu
Computer Sciences & Electrical Engineering Randall Chris Chris.Randall@mail.wvu.edu
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Solley David Dave.Solley@mail.wvu.edu
Freshmen Engineering Hensel Robin Robin.Hensel@mail.wvu.edu
Freshmen Engineering Sigler Ryan Ryan.Sigler@mail.wvu.edu
Freshmen Engineering Santiago Lizzie Lizzie.Santiago@mail.wvu.edu
Freshmen Engineering Brown Ordel Ordel.Brown@mail.wvu.edu
Freshmen Engineering Ford Lloyd Lloyd.Ford@mail.wvu.edu
Freshmen Engineering Hamrick Todd Todd.Hamrick@mail.wvu.edu
Freshmen Engineering Poland Michelle Michelle.Poland@mail.wvu.edu
Freshmen Engineering Morris Melissa Melissa.Morris@mail.wvu.edu

College of Education and Human Services

Department Last Name First Name Email Address
HR&ED Lefevre Beth BGLefevre@mail.wvu.edu
HR&ED Stein Lauren Lauren.Stein@mail.wvu.edu
HR&ED Garten Anita Anita.Garten@mail.wvu.edu
HR&ED Sekula Mike Mike.Sekula@mail.wvu.edu
HR&ED Ackley Bethany Bethany.Ackley@mail.wvu.edu
HR&ED Cardi Jane Jane.Cardi@mail.wvu.edu

Reed College of Media

Department Last Name First Name Email Address
All Maxon Ronda Ronda.Maxon@mail.wvu.edu

College of Physical Activity and Sports Studies

Department Last Name First Name Email Address
CPASS Straight Carol Cstraig@mail.wvu.edu
CPASS Scafella Theresa Theresa.Scafella@mail.wvu.edu

School of Dentistry

Department Last Name First Name Email Address
Dent – DDS Boyce Cathy Cathy.Boyce@hsc.wvu.edu
Dent – Post – doc students Davis Karen Karen.Davis@hsc.wvu.edu

School of Nursing

Department Last Name First Name Email Address
Nursing Wells Stuart Swells@hsc.wvu.edu
Nursing Shaeiwtz Terry Terry.Shaeiwitz@hsc.wvu.edu
Nursing Shelton Elisabeth Elisabeth.Shelton@hsc.wvu.edu
Nursing Toothman Brandy Brandy.Toothman@hsc.wvu.edu
Nursing Florence Laura Laura.Florence@hsc.wvu.edu

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