Catalog Descriptions:
Advanced Topics (ADTP) 1-6 hr. PR: Consent. Investigation in advanced topics that are not covered in regularly scheduled courses.

Directed Studies (Dir St) 1-3 Hr. Directed study, reading, and/or research.

Global Service Learning (GSL) 3 Hr. PR: Consent. Theory and practice of global service-learning. The main objective will be to pair the experiential aspects of meaningful and sustained service in the host community with work from the student’s anchor course by offering a methodological framework for cultural immersion and community service as well as adding to the content of the anchor course.

Honors (HNRS) 1-3 Hr. PR: Students in Honors Program and consent by the honors director. Independent reading, study, or research.

Seminar (Sem) 494: 1-3 Hr. PR: Consent. Presentation and discussion of topics of mutual concern to students and faculty.
500-700 level: 1-6 hr. Special seminars arranged for advanced graduate students.

Special Topics (SPTP) 200-400 level: 1-6 Hr. PR: Consent. Investigation of topics not covered in regularly scheduled courses.
500-700 level: 1-6 hr. A study of contemporary topics selected from recent developments in the field.

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