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‘Writing’ Course Requirements
(‘W’ Courses)

Current as of 01/15/2016

A component of Objective 1 of the General Education Curriculum (GEC) requires the successful completion of a writing course (“W”), preferably in the major.

All students must successfully complete at least one course that requires a substantial writing component and in which the grade is partially determined by writing skills. English 102 or 103 must be completed before fulfilling the writing course requirement.

Currently, the following courses have been approved for meeting this requirement. Please Note:

  • Not all of these courses are available every term.
  • Only sections listed as “W01-W09 or WH1-WH9 or TW1-TW9 or PW1-PW9 or 7W1-7WZ” fulfill this requirement.
  • Some “writing” courses are taught with an emphasis toward a specific major.
  • Political Science “W” courses are restricted to “political science and international studies majors only.”

Prior to registration, students planning to take any of these courses to fulfill the writing requirement should contact the department offering the course to see if this course is appropriate.

Downloadable Version of the List Below

A&VS 451 Current Literature-Animal Science
ACCT 322 Accounting Systems
ACE 330 Coaching Education Administration
AGRN 315 Turfgrass Management
ARE 360 Current Issues in Agriculture
ARE 410 Environmental/Resource Economics
ARHS 240 Art Theory
ARHS 320 Greek and Roman
ARHS 331 Medieval
ARHS 350 Northern Renaissance
ARHS 354 Italian Renaissance
ARHS 360 Baroque
ARHS 370 American
ARHS 375 Nineteenth Century
BCOR 299 Business Communication
BIOL 312 Introduction To Virology
BIOL 313 Molecular Basis of Cellular Growth
BIOL 318 Writing Appalachian Ecology
BIOL 351 Plant Diversity
BIOL 352 Plant Anatomy/Development
BIOL 363 Plant Geography
CHE 451 Unit Operations Laboratory 2
CHEM 349 Physical Chemistry Laboratory
COMM 405 Effects-Mediated Communication
COMM 408 Advanced Study in Nonverbal Comm
COUN 230 Life Choices
CSAD 460 Professional Writing/Speaking
DANC 372 Dance Criticism
DTHY 351 Dental Health Education
EDUC 200 Professional Inquiry-Education
ENGL 304 Business/Professional Writing
ENGL 305 Technical Writing
ENGL 339 Theatre Tour
ENGL 342 American Drama
ENGL 343 American Poetry
ENGL 345 American Literature to 1800
ENGL 346 American Literature 1800-1865
ENGL 347 American Literature 1865-1915
ENGL 348 20th Century American Literature
ENGL 349 Contemporary American Literature
ENGL 355 Topics-Multiethnic Literature
ENGL 360 Literature of the Middle Ages
ENGL 361 Chaucer
ENGL 362 Literature of the 16th Century
ENGL 363 Shakespeare 2
ENGL 365 Milton
ENGL 366 Literature of 18th Century 1
ENGL 367 Literature of 18th Century 2
ENGL 368 The Romantic Movement
ENGL 369 Victorian Literature
ENGL 371 Modern British/Irish Literature
ENGL 372 Commonwealth Literature
ENGL 373 Contemporary British Literature
ENGL 374 Post-colonial Literature
ENGL 387 Topics in Women’s Literature
ENGL 405 Fiction for Adolescents
ENGL 338 Environmental Criticism
ENGL 344 Modern American Politics
ENVP 460 Environmental Impact Assessment
EXPH 370 Writing for Exercise Science
FCLT 250 Russian Fairy Tales
FCLT 280 Science Fiction:East/West
FCLT 340 Italian Cinema 1945-Present
FCLT 380 Holocaust:East Europe Film/Literature
FCLT 381 Contemporary Polish Cinema
FCLT 382 Polish Cinema:Kieslowski
FIN 420 Business Valuation
FIN 421 Mergers and Acquisitions
FIN 452 Employee Benefit Plans
FIN 480 International Finance
FIS 401 Professional Forensic Communication
FLIT 201 Latin Literature Translation 2
FLIT 216 Chinese Literature Translation 1
FLIT 217 Chinese Literature-Translation 2
FLIT 227 German Literature Translation 1
FLIT 235 French Literature-Translation 1
FLIT 236 French Literature-Translation 2
FLIT 256 Russian Literature Translation 1
FLIT 257 Russian Literature Translation 2
FLIT 266 Latin American Literature
FLIT 285 Brazilian Literature Translation
FLIT 360 Discovering Mesoamerica
FLIT 265 Spanish Literature Translation 2
FRCH 421 Survey of Literature 1
GEOG 412 Geography of Gender
GEOG 415 Global Environmental Change
GEOG 454 Environmental GIS
GEOG 455 Introduction to Remote Sensing
GEOG 463 Crime Geography
GEOG 302 Political Geography
GEOL 285 Introductory Petrology
GEOL 331 Paleontology
GEOL 400 Environmental Practicum
GEOL 411 Deep Time Earth System
GEOL 454 Environmental/Exploration-Geophysics 1
GEOL 466 Cave and Karst Geology
GEOL 472 Petroleum Geology
GEOL 488 Environmental Geochemistry
HIST 484 Historical Research-Capstone
IENG 471 Design of Productive Systems 1
JRL 215 Media Writing
LARC 450 Advanced Landscape Architectural Design 1
MAE 471 Principles-Engineering Design
MAE 475 Flight Vehicle Design-Capstone
MANG 422 Individual & Organization
MDS 489 Capstone
MINE 484 Mine Design-Report
MKTG 315 Buyer Behavior
MUSC 271 Hist-Western Musical Traditions 2
NSG 333 Ethics in Nursing.
NSG 360 Ethics and Health Policy
OTH 310 Critical Reasoning in Occupational Therapy
PATH 475 Medical Relevance
PET 228 Curriculum-Physical Education
PHIL 323 Social/Political Philosophy
PHIL 480 Capstone Seminar
PHYS 341 Advanced Physics Laboratory
PNGE 332 Petroleum Property/Phase Behavior
POLS 220 State and Local Government
POLS 250 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 260 Introduction International Relations
POLS 270 History of Political Thought 1
POLS 310 American Presidency
POLS 311 Political Parties & Elections
POLS 313 American Constitutional Law
POLS 314 Civil Liberties-United States
POLS 318 Legislative Process
POLS 333 Politics of Social Welfare
POLS 334 Politics of Economic Policy
POLS 335 Civil Rights Policy & Politics
POLS 351 Russian/Post-Soviet Politics
POLS 355 Governments of Latin America
POLS 356 Politics of the Middle East
POLS 361 International Law & Institutions
POLS 364 American Foreign Relations
POLS 373 American Political Philosophy
POLS 460 Gender/International Relations
PSYC 301 Biological Foundations-Behavior (ends effective 201405)
PSYC 332 Multiculturalism in Psychology
PSYC 343 Child/Adolescent Development
PSYC 345 Adulthood and Aging
PSYC 351 Topics in Social Psychology
PSYC 362 Psychological Assessment
PSYC 363 Personality Theory
PSYC 370 Emotions & Mood
PSYC 382 Exceptional Children
PSYC 423 Cognition and Memory
PSYC 425 Perception
PSYC 426 Physiological Psychology
PSYC 474 Behavior Modification
PSYC 495 Independent Study
PSYC 498 Honors:Investigation/Thesis
PSYC 495A Independent Study: Capstone
PSYC 498A Honors:Capstone
RELG 410 Apocalypse
SEP 374 Sport Studies Research
SEP 474 Sport Studies Research Methods
SM 487 Issues in Sport Studies
SOCA 389 Writing in Sociology/Anthropology
SOWK 494A Sem:Capstone
THET 365 Traditions-Dramatic Literature
THET 460 Contemporary Drama
ULIB 301 Gender and the Research Process
WDSC 460 Plant Layout Wood Industries
WGST 330 Feminist Theory
WGST 449 Women’s Movements Since 1960
WGST 450 Sex/Science at the Movies
WMAN 300 Wildlife and Fisheries Techniques

As additional courses are approved or deleted the GEC/Capstone and Writing listings will be updated on the WVU Office of the University Registrar’s website

  • Satisfies the foreign culture, minority, or gender studies requirement of the WVU Liberal Studies Program.

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